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    Organic • $5.99/bottle • Fresh for 30 days

    • Greens only? Keto? We got you!

      Greens only? Keto? We got you!

    • 1lb of produce in a juice

      1lb of produce in a juice

    • Organic ingredients

      Organic ingredients

    • Lower prices than a juice shop

      Lower prices than a juice shop

    Stop paying
    for expensive juice

    • Cheaper than a juice shop

      Cheaper than a juice shop

    • Cheaper than juicing at home

      Cheaper than juicing at home

    Usually $9-12 per juice

    Organic is better No weird stuff added



    • Healthier ingredients

    • Safer for your body

    • Kinder to the environment




    • May be less nutritious

    • Use of pesticides & fertilizers

    • May reduce soil fertility

    The Reviews Are In

    • Tony Horton

      P90X Founder

      “Organic cold-pressed plant fuel in a bottle! Anti-inflammatory, good for the immune system, so many good things in here.”

    • Jo Bhakdi

      CEO of Quantgene

      “In my job, I need to be on top of my game. Farmers Juice keeps me sharp and healthy. I love it!”

    • Anders Bill

      Co-founder of Darkroom

      “Juicing has never been affordable and whenever I made my own juices it’s messy. Farmers Juice is a game changer for me.”

    • Greg Becker

      CEO of Nourish Technology

      “Organic, half the price of a juice shop, fresh for 30 days and home delivered. It's a life upgrade!”

    1lb of Produce in a Juice

    • low carb

    • keto friendly

    Essential vitamins

    Essential vitamins

    Skin Health

    Skin Health

    Green Fuel

    +10 more cold-pressed juices

    Strong immunity support



    Digestive health

    Digestive health

    Ginger Immunity

    + 4 more wellness shots

    floating leaves
    floating leaves

    Fresh for 30 days

    • Science meets Juicing!

    • Juices and shots stay nutrient alive for 30 days.

    • We use an innovative and safe process called HPP.

    Your daily routines powered by plant fuel

    When to drink Farmers Juice

    • During work

      During work

    • Breakfast


    • Mid-day recharge

      Mid-day recharge

    • Before/after exercise

      Before/after exercise

    • Commuting


    • Outdoor Adventures

      Outdoor Adventures

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